1. Attracting the right candidate

Finding the right candidate for the job can be tedious.

One of the best recruitment practices is being clear about the position requirement in detail. Employers should start by stating clear and precise job requirements in your job descriptions and job advertisements.

2. Adapting to work remotely

Employees have become more adaptable to work from home since the pandemic and operations have continued to run smoothly as well while employees were at home.

It is an advantage to the company as fewer workers in the office mean they can save serious costs in renting office space or electricity bills.

It will also allow companies to support their employees by listening to how and where they feel comfortable working. And as the saying goes, employee well-being leads to company success

3. Creating connection with candidate

Over the course of the pandemic, the majority of the interviews are conducted online rather than in person. Hence, recruiters must find ways to create a personal touch with the candidates. One way to do so is to include an introduction of the team members as well after the interview is over and present past projects or activities to help build connection.

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