You may be an excellent candidate for the role that you are applying for but it might be enough to get noticed as you might not be the only, especially during this pandemic as there is an increase in demand for job search or career switch.

And the biggest question is, How do I stand out from the rest?

Here’s a short list of a few ways to distinguish yourself from the rest of the applicants.

1.Show your creativity

Instead of sending a standard cover letter, prepare a “pitch deck” or a short video presenting yourself and some of your previous work or project that is related to the job. This can put your application at the top of the list to get you noticed.

2. Do some research

Make sure to read up on the company’s leadership and values to get a good idea of the keywords that characterise the company’s approach. You can add value to them later during the interview.

3. Tapping on to your other skills

Besides traditional learning experience, if you have taken up any courses online or offline it’s good to add in as well as. Your willingness to keep learning and broadening your skills could be the ticket to an interview.

4. Develop an online presence

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for connecting with professional contacts, but there’s more that you can do within that space. First, make sure that your profile matches the jobs you’re looking for. Many staffing searches use algorithms that are coded to find keywords, so you’ll want to embed those in your profile.

5. Showcasing your personal interest

More and more companies hire by personality rather than just experience; use this opportunity to put your best foot forward and get acknowledged for the awesome blog you write, the voluntary community work you do, and the networking events you organize.

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